FTM Top Surgery Post-Op Care

Dr. King will provide you will procedure-specific post-operative instructions. If you are unsure about something or have any questions about these instructions please contact Dr. King’s office for clarification.

FTM Top Surgery Recovery

You will be discharged early in the morning the day following surgery. You are sent home with a narcotic medication for pain. Usually you are seen by Dr. King, in his office, the day following surgery. The dressings are changed, and the drains may be removed. This allows a much more comfortable subsequent recovery period.

Usually there is not much pain following the surgery once the initial dressings are removed and changed. Drain removal is not painful.

You can shower on the second day following surgery, but if you have skin graft dressings these need to stay dry.

You will need to stay in the Madison area for 1 week after surgery. During that week, you will have a post-operative follow-up appointment with Dr. King to assess your healing progress.

You will also be wearing a binder for the week for protection, especially during sleep. However, you can come out of your binder for several hours to “give yourself a break.”

At this point you will also be taken off of narcotic medication, and switched to non-narcotics for pain relief.

At the end of that week, any skin graft dressings will be removed, and any remaining drains will be removed.

Recovery time from FTM Top Surgery is approximately two weeks. This will vary patient to patient, and can be influenced by the type of Top Surgery you have. For example, recovery from Double Incision can take a little longer than recovery from Keyhole Top Surgery.

The usual time off sedentary work or school is roughly two weeks. Certainly no less than one week. Employment which requires heavy physical activity and/or lifting may require four to six weeks off work . Also no heavy upper body exercising until four to six weeks. For more information, please see Frequently Asked Questions About FTM Top Surgery.

Typically, Dr. King would like to see you following surgery with office visits at roughly one month intervals for three to four months. If coming from a far distance, he will try to limit the number of visits. However, Dr. King wants to monitor your outcome, and work with you on scar management.

Professional Care Assistance

Make Your Recovery Easier with FTM Top Surgery Post Op Care Assistance!

We realize that busy households and schedules may keep family members or friends from providing the help you will need after your Top Surgery. To help make your recovery as comfortable and convenient as possible, we offer a variety of options for additional medical care.

Overnight Stay – $800
Continue your care under clinical supervision at St. Mary’s Surgery and Care Center, for an
additional 23 hours following your procedure.

12-Hour Aftercare – $420
A certified nursing assistant from Bright Star will meet you at the surgery center, receive instructions for your aftercare, drive you home or to your hotel and care for you. To ensure a comfortable recovery, a registered nurse will also visit you prior to the certified nursing assistant’s departure.

Nurse Visit – $100 per visit
Bright Star will arrange for a registered nurse to visit you the evening of your surgery, the following morning or both.

*Pricing subject to change.