FTM Top Surgery Requirements and Eligibility

WPATH Criteria for FTM Top SurgeryAs per the WPATH Standards of Care, Dr. King requires that patients have a support letter from a qualified mental health professional recommending FTM Top Surgery. The recommended content of the referral letters for FTM Top Surgery is as follows:

  1. The client’s general identifying characteristics;
  2. Results of the client’s psychosocial assessment, including any diagnoses;
  3. The duration of the mental health professional’s relationship with the client, including the type of evaluation and therapy or counseling to date;
  4. An explanation that the criteria for surgery have been met, and a brief description of the clinical rationale for supporting the patient’s request for surgery;
  5. A statement that informed consent has been obtained from the patient;
  6. A statement that the mental health professional is available for coordination of care and welcomes a phone call to establish this.

WPATH Criteria for FTM Top Surgery

  1. Persistent, well-documented gender dysphoria
  2. Capacity to make a fully informed decision and to consent for treatment
  3. Be of the age of majority in the country of surgery (and follow SOC rules for children and adolescents*)
  4. Significant medical or mental health concerns, if present, must be reasonably well controlled at the time of surgery

Hormones are not required to get FTM Top Surgery, before or after.

*If under 18 years of age, parental consent is required to get FTM Top Surgery. As per the WPATH Standards of Care:

Chest surgery in FtM patients could be carried out earlier, preferably after ample time of living in the desired gender role and after one year of testosterone treatment. The intent of this suggested sequence is to give adolescents sufficient opportunity to experience and socially adjust in a more masculine gender role, before undergoing irreversible surgery. However, different approaches may be more suitable, depending on an adolescent’s specific clinical situation and goals for gender identity expression.

Seeking a FTM Top Surgery support letter from your therapist? Send them the link to this page to ensure that your letter contains the required content: http://topsurgerymidwest.com/ftm-top-surgery-requirements/