FTM Top Surgery Insurance

With Dr. King’s FTM practice growing quickly, we have noticed an increase in patients seeking insurance coverage for FTM Top Surgery. While Dr. King does accept health insurance—provided that FTM Top Surgery is a covered procedure under your policy—there are some important things to know about insurance coverage.

Don’t assume that “no prior authorization required” means that your Top Surgery will be covered in full. When Top Surgery is ‘covered’ by insurance, you may still have to pay a percentage of the cost. How much depends upon your individual insurance plan. Contact your insurance company to verify the percentage of coverage for the surgery.

The Prior Authorization Process: If you decide to ask insurance to cover, then our office will submit a letter to the insurance carrier asking for permission to proceed with the surgery. Usually takes 2-4 weeks to get the answer. If the surgery is approved, then we can schedule. If not approved, then it would be an out of pocket payment.