FTM Top Surgery Costs

FTM Top Surgery Cost with Dr. Clifford King, Madison, WisconsinThe cost of FTM Top Surgery with Dr. King is listed below. At your consultation, Dr. King will provide a specific price quote for Top Surgery, after you have met with him and discussed the Top Surgery procedure that will provide the most desirable results for you.

Costs include Dr. King’s fees, anaesthesia, facility fees, overnight hospital stay*, a complication insurance policy, and supply fees, as well as pre- and post-operative appointments.

*Note: Dr. King keeps his patients overnight for pain control and blood pressure control. If there are any concerns, this allows Dr. King the ability to come into the hospital and check on you.

For more information about costs, please contact Dr. King for a consultation.

Keyhole Peri Areolar Double Incision T Anchor


Dr. King’s Fees
Anesthesiologist’s Fees
Surgery Center Fees
Overnight Hospital Stay
Complication Insurance Policy
Supply Fees
Pre-Operative Appointments
Post-Operative Appointments

Pricing is accurate as of March 2017.

Financing FTM Top Surgery Costs

Dr. King accepts major credit cards as well as Care Credit payment plans.

Paying for FTM Top Surgery with Insurance

Dr. King accepts health insurance, provided that FTM Top Surgery is a covered procedure under your policy. Dr. King’s staff would write to your insurance company requesting prior-authorization of the procedure before scheduling. Find out more about FTM Top Surgery Insurance Coverage.

Dr. King also accepts Medicaid and Medicare for Top Surgery.