FTM Top Surgery Consultation

You will meet with Dr. King. During that meeting, he will review your medical history, surgical history, the medications you are taking, any allergies, and where you are in your journey. You will discuss any other health professionals that you have seen for emotional support or for hormone therapy.

With your consent, he will examine your chest in order to set up a conversation about which top surgery procedure would be the best. The majority of the consult is then spent discussing the procedure. He will discuss the surgery in detail, and the postoperative course in detail. He wants you to be informed, and to know what to expect.

If you are traveling from a long distance, we may have a nurse take photographs of your chest to avoid your need to return a long distance for another visit prior to surgery. Dr King prefers to have preoperative photos for all of his patients so that others in the transgender community can see his top surgery results.

Please bring one letter of support from a mental health professional. If you are a minor, you will need a letter from a health care professional, your primary care physician. Also, a minor needs to be accompanied by a legal guardian. You don’t need the letter to have the consult with Dr. King, but it is required before the surgery. This letter requirement is a result of the recommendations by WPATH.

If you are hoping that insurance will cover the procedure, please bring your insurance card to the office on the day of the consult. Dr King will send an electronic communication to your insurance carrier in an attempt to get permission from the insurance carrier for the surgery. It may take two to four weeks before getting the decision from the insurance company. Dr. King needs to await for that approval before scheduling a surgery covered by insurance. Please make certain that you know your financial obligation to the insurance company following the surgery if the procedure is approved.

If your insurance company is unwilling to cover the procedure, you can be provided a written price quote for the entire procedure. This will include every cost, and no further costs will be encountered. All post operative visits have no cost.