FTM Top Surgery Before and After Photos

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These FTM Top Surgery before and after photos provide you with a look at some of Dr. King’s recent FTM Top Surgery work.

When evaluating these photos, consider your current chest size and match it up to similar body types in the examples below. This will help you visualize your surgery expectations. Also note that some of the post-operative photos you’ll see were taken only weeks after surgery, before scars have faded and while the chest shape is still settling, and in some cases, before the benefits of hormone masculinization are apparent (ie. chest hair concealing scars, muscle development enhancing contours.)

Note: The photos below are captioned with a patient number for easy identification, but this number does not represent the actual number of Top Surgeries performed by Dr. King (ie. Patient #22 is not Dr. King’s 22nd Top Surgery patient.)

To view additional FTM Top Surgery before and after pictures, please contact Dr. King to schedule a consultation.